Arquivo para julho, 2008

Este é um erro comum quando tenta-se montar um filesystem exportado por um servidor Linux no AIX

root@serveraix />mount serverlinux:/my/fs/exported   /my/mountpint/here
mount: 1831-008 giving up on:
vmount: Operation not permitted.


Setar opção de utilização de portas reservadas para desativado

# nfso -o nfs_use_reserved_ports=1


Bug #455223 reported by Gregoire Barbier e Milão Slanar (Fedora 8 and 9)
Bug #455375 reported by Ulrik Mikaelsson (EL 4 and EL 5)
My thanks!

All bugs are solved in version 1.23-8

New packages are temporarily available here:

Fedora 8
Fedora 9

Checking AIX version, ML and service pack

# oslevel -s

Checking LPP (packages)

# lppchk -v -m3

Checking ML and filesets found

# instfix -i | grep ML

Checking missing packages in ML

# instfix -icqk 5300-04_AIXML | grep ":-:"


Checking all missing packages in all MLs

for i in $(instfix -i | grep ML | awk '{ print $4 }'); do instfix -icqk $i |  grep ":-:"; done

0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for /usr/lib/libc.a[aio_64.o]

This error occurs because the Asynchronous I/O are not available.

# lsattr -El aio0
autoconfig defined STATE to be configured at system restart True
fastpath enable State of fast path True
kprocprio 39 Server PRIORITY True
maxreqs 4096 Maximum number of REQUESTS True
maxservers 10 MAXIMUM number of servers per cpu True
minservers 1 MINIMUM number of servers True

You must make the Asynchronous I/O available using smitty

# smitty chgaio

Change this item

STATE to be configured at system restart available

IMPORTANT: Changes will become effective at next system restart

For configure Asynchronous I/O now use:

# smitty aio

Configure Defined Asynchronous I/O

Checking aio0 again

# lsattr -El aio0
autoconfig available STATE to be configured at system restart True
fastpath   enable    State of fast path                       True
kprocprio  39        Server PRIORITY                          True
maxreqs    4096      Maximum number of REQUESTS               True
maxservers 10        MAXIMUM number of servers per cpu        True
minservers 1         MINIMUM number of servers                True

Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.
Official website:

Looking for Cygwin ISO I find this script (actually modified by me)

Script functions:

1. Get setup.exe

2. Create a cygwinlist file with package list and you can customize removing packages from list

3. Get packages

4. Create a ISO file (Full packages: Size > 800MB)

5. Clean files


1. Run script

# sh

You can now edit cygwinlist, remove unwanted files (e.g XFree86)
Press Enter when ready to start download

A. ENTER for full download — size are > 800MB
B. CTRL+C for edit cygwinlist and customize

2. Customize list in cywinlist file

3. Run script again

# sh

You can now edit cygwinlist, remove unwanted files (e.g XFree86)
Press Enter when ready to start download


4. In the end your cygwin.iso can be generated


Run script in the background

# nohup sh > mkcygwiniso.log &

For look the status you can use:

# tail -f mkcygwiniso.log


The originally script are here: