NMON for Solaris? Yes, you can use SARMON

SARMON, NMON for Solaris

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Searching about NMON I find the SARMON. This is a great solution for reports of capacity on Solaris.

If you know the NMON (website) for AIX e Linux and need for Solaris you can use the SARMON (website)

For reports you can use the original tool

The installation is very ease

1. Get the .zip file

2. Save on /var/tmp

3. Unzip the .zip

# unzip sarmon_v1.01.bin_sparc.zip

4. Make backup of original files

# cp /usr/bin/sar /usr/bin/sar.orig
# cp /usr/bin/timex /usr/bin/timex.orig
# cp /usr/lib/sa/sadc /usr/lib/sa/sadc.orig

5. Move the sarmon to /usr/local

# mv /var/tmp/sarmon_v1.01.bin_sparc /usr/local/sarmon

6. Copy files

# cp /usr/local/sarmon/sar /usr/bin/sar
# cp /usr/local/sarmon/timex /usr/bin/timex
# cp /usr/local/sarmon/sadc /usr/lib/sa/sadc

7. Edit the crontab and put the entry for collect

0 0 * * * /usr/local/sarmon/sa1 300 288 &

This start collect every day at 00:00

The files generated are in /var/adm/sa/ (day-by-day)


  1. guy

    Please try version 1.03, that should solve your bus error issue (v1.02 as well actually)!
    Feel free to contact me by email.

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